Saturday, November 12, 2016

Leftist Racism.

One of my daughters works in the service industry where she has to deal with people who have to stand in lines before buying something. People can be surprisingly rude. Tonight. however, she can home in tears because a customer got angry with her for not breaking company rules.  The customer called her a bitch to people she was standing with.  When my daughter pointed out that she could hear her, the customer said "Good! It's people like you who voted for Trump."

The customer was black, my daughter is white, and the shock of racial discrimination - the assumption that because she was white she was stupid and therefore a Trump voter - caused her to break down crying.

Now, the bright side is that the customer's granddaughter apologized for her grandmother's behavior.  It is often the case that older people can be rude, but this behavior is part and parcel of the sad fact that racism which is properly condemned on the right is improperly excused on the left.

Here is an example that feeds this mentality.

Huffington Post: A Vote for Trump Was A Hate Crime



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