Thursday, November 03, 2016

Liberal Intolerance.

The fact that conservatives are more tolerant gets proven in study after study, like this recent Pew Study.

//A large Pew survey shows that Donald Trump’s supporters are more tolerant, open-minded, respectful and understanding than are Hillary Clinton’s vibrantly diverse supporters in her coalition of ethnic, sexual, professional and progressive factions.
“Clinton backers – particularly highly educated ones – have more difficulty respecting Trump supporters than the other way around,” Pew acknowledged in the Nov. 1 report.

That data is a mirror image of the media-magnified portrayal of Trump’s supporters that Democratic partisans have constructed throughout the 2016 campaign.

That image has been fostered by undercover Democratic groups which used extensive funding to arrange camera-ready fights at Trump’s rallies, by Clinton’s scripted eagerness to portray Trump’s supporters as irredeemable or insanely hostile to gays, migrant foreigners and Islamic believers, and by the media’s eagerness to showcase conflict at Trump rallies.

But Pew’s data shows that:

nearly six-in-ten registered voters who back Clinton (58%) say they have a “hard time” respecting someone who supports Trump for president; 40% say they have “no trouble” with it. Nearly the opposite is true among Trump supporters, with 56% saying they have no trouble respecting someone who backs Clinton and 40% saying they do have trouble with it.

That’s a 17-point tolerance difference between the two parties.//

I repeat my observation: conservatives are used to dealing with liberals. They are habituated to dealing with the Other at school, in movies, in concerts, now in sports, and in society generally.

Liberals can live in a cocoon where they never have to interact with anyone who disagrees with them. They are never exposed to different ideas.

Thus, liberals are able to pride themselves on their "tolerance" while being intolerant in practice.

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