Monday, November 14, 2016

Meet your "spontaneous" protesters for "justice."

They supported mass murder, oppression and state terror for a century, and they are hoping for a second century.

//Along with the anarchists, core organizers of the protests have included the ANSWER Coalition, a group with roots that trace back to supporting the Soviet invasion of Hungary in the 1950s, and the Socialist Alternative, a Trotskyist group on the other side of those forgotten Communist civil wars. Those groups’ organizing muscle has long made them important, if controversial, elements of the US left (they were central to protests against the Iraq War in 2003), and they now find themselves marching with Bernie Sanders supporters, civil rights advocates, and thousands of Democrats shocked at Trump’s election.//

My theory is that the values of the Trotskyite and Communist Left have become mainstream in the modern left, which explains why so much mainstream politics looks like the quest for purity and shunning of the impure that I read in history books about the internal conduct of the CPUSA circa 1930.

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