Friday, November 25, 2016

The scourge of fake news.

This truly qualifies as fake news and it is the reason that Americans have such contempt for the media. Please read the article and notice that the reporters has steadfastly failed to identify the party affiliation of the "faithless electors."

//At least six electors — members of the Electoral College whose votes actually elect the President — have vowed to cast ballots that don't align with the popular vote results of their states, Politico reported Tuesday.

If they carry out their intentions — in effect, becoming "faithless electors" — they would narrow Donald Trump's margin-of-victory in the Electoral College over Hillary Clinton.

One elector, Michael Baca said in a statement that he wouldn’t vote for Trump.//


That sounds bad.....except that Michael Baca is an elector from Colorado, which Hillary won.  For those of us without an investment in "fake news" that means that Baca is a Hillary-elector. He was never going to vote Trump and if he votes for someone other than the person he was selected to vote for, then Hillary's Electoral College vote goes down and Trump's margin goes up.

Here is Michael Baca - apparently it was too difficult for the NY Daily News to find this information, which identifies Baca as a Democrat.

The other faithless elector mentioned in the article - Bret Chiafalo -  is from Washington, i.e. another Hillary state and another Hillary elector.

So, the truth is the opposite of what the article presents - these electors are increasing Trump's margin, not reducing it.

So, is this fake news?

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