Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Yet another Trump Hate Hoax.

There are never enough real hate crimes to go around.

Also, it is odd that these crimes always occur in hotbeds of conservative activity like "Chicago" or "university campuses."

//An openly bisexual Chicago student who claimed she received anti-gay, pro-Donald Trump notes and emails after the election is found to have fabricated the entire story, North Park University said.

Taylor Volk told a local NBC News affiliate that she found one of the notes taped to her door at her off-campus residence, which read “Back to hell” and “#Trump” along with homophobic slurs.

“This is a countrywide epidemic all of a sudden,” she said on Nov. 14. “I just want them to stop.”

She had also posted pictures of notes with homophobic slurs to her Facebook account, NBC reported.

The university investigated the alleged harassment and determined this week that Ms. Volk had fabricated the story.//

To underscore the points, Trump supporters have videos of hate crimes being inflicted on them, such as being assaulted by leftists?

Are there any videos of conservatives attacking Hillary supporters?

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Remember, Peter, there are no facts, only opinions.

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