Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Liberal community terrified by fake hate crime committed by liberal in wake of Trump election.

This is sort of the Emmanual Goldstein phase of Liberalism. They don't actually need real racists to terrify themselves since they can manufacture racist terror all by themselves.

//White husband confesses to wife to setting their cars on fire and painting racial slur on their garage door in staged 'hate crime'

David and Jenny Williams' cars and motorcycle were set on fire on December 12

The words 'n***** lovers' were also spray painted across their garage door

Police in Denton, Texas, investigated the fire which was deemed a hate crime

Well-wishers donated more than $5,000 to the couple and their four kids online

Mrs Williams revealed on Wednesday her husband confessed to starting the fire

She promised to return all the money raised and said he was in a mental facility //

It is a perpetual outrage machine.

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