Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Liberal intolerance.

Because snowflakes melt under pressure.

Whereas pressure makes conservative women shine like diamonds.

Democrat women most likely to block on social media.

//What I find interesting here is that Republican women are the least likely to unfriend someone at 8% meaning that they are more tolerant of other points of view. But then, a Republican woman is generally someone more clearly likely to buck the trend and herd mentality as the majority of women are Democrats.

Maybe right-leaning women are more autonomous and don't need a crowd of people supporting and propping them up constantly.
I have noticed that in general, female Democrats have a harder time when someone disagrees with them and some can get very angry and hurl personal insults or dismiss the dissenter from their group. They seem very much like the group in Mean Girls who treat others with disdain in order to prop themselves up. Maybe political unfriending is just another way to use mean girl techniques to try and control others. It might be better if these women tried to move beyond high school.//

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