Thursday, December 01, 2016

Post-modern return to Pre-Christian values.

Was murdering alcoholics with small children really the kind of horrible suffering that people had in mind when they think or discuss this issue?

Whatever the answer, the weak have no place in our Brave New World.

//The Hague (AFP) - A Dutch long-term alcoholic chose to end his life this year by lethal injection saying he could no longer go on, his brother has revealed in a moving tribute.

Mark Langedijk was 41 and the father of two small sons when he decided the only solution to end his pain and suffering was euthanasia, which was carried out earlier this year in The Netherlands at his parents' home.

"My little brother is dead," wrote Marcel Langedijk, a freelance journalist, in an article for the Dutch magazine Linda published last week.

"It was in his head. It was his problem. What the problem was no one could really ever find out," he added, revealing that his brother had undergone 21 rehab sessions over the last eight years and had had the support of his loving family.//


Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting the Dutch don't have a right to allow this if they so choose? How would you propose the U.S. act to keep them from allowing such things? Given virtually all of Europe has outlawed capital punishment as a fundamental violation of human rights, should they respond to us in a similar fashion?

Are you suggesting that because the Dutch allow this under their law, we shouldn't have a law that allows terminally ill people under certain circumstances to commit euthanasia? Maybe we shouldn't have a military because the Russians / Soviets do things we don't like with their military.

mrez said...

Put a sock in it.

Anonymous said...

Questions seem to anger mrez. Or at least they encourage him to resort to childlike 1950's euphemisms. The questions remain, mrez's spirit fades.

mrez said...


Gail Finke said...

Horrible. Yet another example of Dutch euthanasia laws growing in scope and reach. this is why first principles based on natural law and/or religion are necesssary as a basis for law. Otherwise any fad or terrible philosophy -- such as the idea that it's better to kill the suffering than to "permit" suffering -- can be adopted by powerful people, organizations, and governments.

mrez said...

Agreed Gail. Thank you for your post.

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