Saturday, December 17, 2016

The War on the Mother of God.

Because the important thing about theological doctrines developed in the first centuries is what 21st century leftists will think 2,000 years later.

And here is a response.

And another attack for the Christmas season. The Blessed Virgin Mary seems to be a major challenge for Progressive Christians this year.

//Yes, she is startled by the presence of the angel.  So were Gideon, Jacob, Jonah, and the shepherds of Bethlehem, to name a few, they who, like Mary, questioned the angel in wonder, doubt, and even resistance.  They are noted for their reluctance.  Why not she?  What sort of greeting is this? she asked. And the angel obliged her with an explanation. Later, she challenged the angel: How shall this happen to me, when I have no husband? God chose a spunky woman.

Many women in biblical stories appear in domestic settings.  Sarah is in her tent, baking cakes.  Rachel is drawing water at the well.  Bathsheba is taking a bath.  Martha is fussing around in the kitchen.  The woman who lost a coin is sweeping the house.  But with Mary, there is no evidence of any domestic work on her part.  We never find her cooking, cleaning, washing up.  The evidence offered us is her love of adventure.  What we find her doing, over and over, is traveling, in journeys that involve risks and an element of danger.

Her recitation of the Magnificat is a political manifesto, delivered fairly publicly, in the home of an official temple priest, who is married to her cousin Elizabeth, who is also pregnant, with John the Baptist. In Mary’s manifesto there is evidence of deep thought, strong conviction, and a good deal of political savvy.

None of this gibes with the idea that she is a young teenage girl.  The Greek word Luke uses for virgin is an unusual one, a very specific word that means she has not yet born a child.  Its precise meaning does not indicate  sexual innocence. So let’s be clear:  the focus is on her uterus.  The state of her hymen is not at issue here.//

Except, of course, the author is lying about "I have no husband."

Mary actually said "when I know not man."

In other words, when she was a virgin and would remain a virgin.

But the important thing is making the Mother of God a tool for the author's political agenda.

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