Saturday, December 17, 2016

This is why they lost.

Their public face often looks like a pagan death cult.

//Ironically, by comparing the celebration of Christmas to pro-abortion ideology, Goldberg was trying to open the eyes of liberals, to get them to understand just how important religion and religious expressions really are to their fellow Americans.

But in attempting to do this, the actress and show host actually insulted Christmas and Christians in a horrifying way. To compare the life-giving celebration of Christmas to the life-destroying practice of abortion is not just insulting. It debases one of the most holy moments in history, which is so important because Mary did not choose abortion.//

I am speaking from my reading of biographies of Heinrich Himmler when I say that what Whoopi said on The View could just as easily have been said by the guy who operated the Death Camps.

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Anonymous said...

I knew it!!

Whoopi Goldberg and Heinrich Himmler never seen together. Coincidence?

Mike Godwin strikes again.

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