Wednesday, December 21, 2016

This story is instructive on so many levels.

Obama Admin Harassed, Fired Top Scientist For Countering Climate Change Theory: Congress

//President Obama’s administration harassed, intimidated and ultimately fired a top scientists at the Department of Energy who dared to counter the far left’s vision of climate change theory with fact, according to a new report from members of Congress.

President Obama’s administration injected itself into the Department of Energy to skew science that impacts climate change goals, ultimately harassing and intimidating staff and firing a key scientist.

The Washington Free Beacon reported House Committee on Science, Space and Technology Chairman Lamar Smith released a report that reveals the interference of senior Team Obama officials into the department’s scientific studies and findings. And according to the report, the intrusions at the Department of Energy were so intense they resulted in the intimidation of staff and retaliations against a scientist who were simply trying to bring facts of the impact of radiation to light.//

Here is a link to the Congressional Report.

First, it explains why DOE scientists were so frightened about giving their name to the Trump administration, i.e., they've been persecuting people and project what they've done to Trump.

Second, Democrat War on Science, anyone?

Third, 98% consensus backed by intimidation?

Fourth, this story has been cooking for months.  The hearing was in September of 2016, but did you ever hear about it? Media bias is not only about how news gets slanted, but what news gets reported.

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