Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Party Uber Alles

After weeks of trying to create a moral panic about the fact that the DNC didn't have adequate computer security, Obama turns the narrative on its head by commuting the sentence of a person who used his position inside the military to give military secrets to Wikileaks.

The question is asked:

//Because Manning was granted clemency, shouldn’t the DNC hacker, whoever he or she is, be let off as well? Otherwise, the message seems to be that actual espionage against the United States for causes Obama seems to favor is just fine, but embarrassing the president’s party and his handpicked successor is a high crime against democracy.//

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the ultimate problem is that the President, any President, has the power to commute sentences and grant pardons. That has always seemed quite stupid to me that such is allowed.

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