Thursday, February 02, 2017

The left has hoaxes...

....everyone else has videos of leftwing violence.

The Left holds itself to lower standards of behavior says Economist Walter Williams.

We see this and say "How can these people justify acting this way in order to suppress free speech."

Leftists see this and say "Those poor people provoked by Milo into protesting."


Anonymous said...

Strawman Alert #134

Peter Bradley said...

Because this didn't really happen?

Leftists didn't riot to prevent free speech?

I don't respond to you because I can't take you seriously.

Perhaps if you made an argument instead of spouting leftwing talking points?

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Its funny how when seen in a mirror, your posts often look like "left wing talking points." I'd say more, but I'm late for my meeting at the Left Wing Clubhouse to get my new Left Wing Talking Points. The Left Wing gets together every Friday night to get updated on our coordinated approach to the following week, including which talking points we'll use on your blog's comment section.

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