Friday, February 24, 2017

The urban elites get together and have a bit of a chuckle...

...about how the rest of us are a bunch of dangerous fascists who should not be allowed to have any say in their democracy.

Qelle Francais!

Check out the cognitive dissonance of these two (unfunny) quips:

//Portion Control

The reason French women seem to be able to indulge in so many sinful treats and stay trim is their immaculate portion control. Learn to stop after just one serving of Twitter, cable news, or video of a Nazi getting punched and you can enjoy these choice indulgences every day.//

So, punch them fascists, French lady!

That's funny!

On the other hand:

//Take Off One Thing Before You Leave the House

Do you really need mace, a rape whistle, and nunchucks every time you go outside? Probably yes, given the prevalence and normalization of violence against women and minorities since Election Day. But it’s much more chic to pick just one for the good fight.//

So, when them fascists are being punched, they might be rapists, so better bring along a weapon of violence in case you run into someone who might have voted against the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua.

Urban liberals fantasize about being tough, urban guerrillas is about as realistic as a nerd looking the mirror fantasizes that he sees a chiseled Adonis.

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