Monday, March 20, 2017

Anonymous makes the claim that Republicans compared Obama to Hitler... I decided to check it out for him. My experience with him suggests that offering evidence to support his claims is not his strong suit.

It turns out that there were occasional Hitler references concerning Obama, but not in the sense that he was incipient dictator about to put minorities into concentration camps, and when such references were made, there was an outcry that forced the person to apologize.

For example there was the case of Congressman Randy Weber:

//Rep. Randy Weber is apologizing for a tweet that compared President Barack Obama's absence at a Paris march to Adolf Hitler.

The Texas Republican said in a statement Tuesday afternoon that he hadn't intended "to trivialize the Holocaust nor to compare the President to Adolf Hitler."

"The mention of Hitler was meant to represent the face of evil that still exists in the world today," Weber said. "I now realize that the use of Hitler invokes pain and emotional trauma for those affected by the atrocities of the Holocaust and victims of anti-Semitism and hate."

His apology comes the day after he invoked Hitler in blasting Obama for failing to join more than 40 world leaders and at least 1.5 million people at a Paris unity march Sunday, following the attack on the country's Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper.

"Even Adolph Hitler thought it more important than Obama to get to Paris. (For all the wrong reasons.) Obama couldn't do it for right reasons," Weber tweeted, misspelling the German dictator's first name.

Even Adolph Hitler thought it more important than Obama to get to Paris. (For all the wrong reasons.) Obama couldn't do it for right reasons.//

This is very weak tea.  In fact, it makes my case stronger.

The "bite" of Weber's joke is premised around the concept of "going to Paris." The joke works because of the outrageousness of the juxtaposition of an evil man going to Paris out of evil intent and the American president - not an evil man - not going to Paris out of indifference or sloth.

There was no reference to the Holocaust or Concentration Camps, nor was there any implication that Obama was Hitlerian in style, ambition or goal. In fact, the statement was that Hitler (evil) was noticeably different from Obama (not evil, just indifferent.)

Of course, that was then. Back then mentioning Hitler in the same sentence as a Democrat president was dangerous, demeaned the Holocaust, undermined democracy and/or just wasn't right.

In contrast, the current Hitler to Trump comparisons, like the previous Bush to Hitler comparisons, are comparisons based on the putative autocratic style and/or racist/nationalist/repressive policies and/or militaristic tendencies of the comparators. Mainstream Progressives mean quite literally that Trump now, and Bush before him, are, in a relevant sense, "Literally Hitler."

So, back then occasional, weak comparisons generated outrage that required an apology for demeaning the Holocaust.

Now, it is all good.

If it wasn't for double standards....

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