Friday, March 03, 2017

Confession time...

...given the open antisemitism of the left, I just assumed that everyone assumed that the culprit would be "le gauche."

I was puzzled by the references to "the age of Trump."

//This was always predictable. Or if not predictable -- certainly a very live possibility. I was just out at dinner and this came up and I asked why, given the huge amounts of open, blatant, proud antisemitism on the left, especially on college campuses and especially among identity-politics-infected blacks and Muslims, the media was so damn certain it could only be a White Christian Redneck Trump Voter behind this, and why Trump had to tell his people to stop attacking Jews.

Now that it's revealed that it's a left-winger who almost certainly voted for Obama -- will the media be making similar demands that Obama issue strong words against rising antisemitism on the left?

No, of course not. The media's interest in this story was never about the threat to Jews. As Ira Stoll demonstrated, there have been ten major desacrations of Jewish cemeteries since February 2008 but before Trump's inauguration, and the New York Times only saw fit to cover two of them (and one of those was outside the United States).

Since Trump was inaugurated, they've begun covering such desacrations, sending out reporters and photographers to document the vandalism.

Why was this no problem for the New York Times when Obama was president?

And why is this suddenly going to become not much of a problem at all, now that an Obama voter stands accused of phoning in threats to Jewish Community Centers?

By the way: Trump casually and maybe almost unthinkingly claimed this might be a "false flag" operation, and the media of course mocked him for that.

Donald Trump casually suggested an increase on anti-Semitic threats and violence could have been faked to "make people look bad", it was reported today.
He made the comments to a meeting of state attorneys general, according to one of the officials present.

There have been more than 30 bomb threats to Jewish centres across the US so far this week.

Here's the thing: It was a false flag operation. Well, partly false flag, and part actual anti-Jewish and anti-white hatred.//

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