Sunday, March 26, 2017


Trump supporters have been assaulted by Sanders/Clinton supporters since the summer of 2016.  Cities have ostentatiously pulled police protection from Trump rallies.

Now, Trump supporters are fighting back.

And predictably they are the ones being held responsible.

You want more 1930-late stage Weimar street thug political action?

This is how you get it.

Scenes from Weimar.

The Progressives are the ones wearing masks to conceal their identity.


Anonymous said...

And yet somehow, those with a neo-con, pro-Catholic, pro western civilization bias have allowed themselves to the grabbed by (well, lets say hijacked by) a thrice married, biblically illiterate sexual predator. But then again, I heard on the Internet that Republicans never compare people to Hitler, just the Weimar.

Olive said...

Because, Anonymous, there was nobody else who would fight against the corrupt Ms. Clinton, DNC and neo-cons.

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