Sunday, March 12, 2017

Remember how Letterman seemed like such a disgusting pervert when he suggested that Sarah Palin's daughter was having sex with the ball player?

Remember how that was funny?

No so funny now.

//On one cringeworthy show, he sucked on a strand of Jennifer Aniston’s hair.

Zinoman writes that after a time, the satire faded away to show the bits for what they were — a rich and famous man indulging his fantasies.

“As he got older, Letterman increasingly played the horny creep,” he writes.//


Anonymous said...

Ironic that when I went to the article in the NY Daily News, that bastion of taste and morality, they had large adds for the SI swimsuit edition along the side of the article. Their contribution to "bathroom reading."

Anonymous said...

This reminds a lot of guys who like to go back stage at beauty pageants and watch young girls change or guys who like to grab and kiss women without their consent. Especially so when such guys publicly brag about such behavior. Glad no one like that has the visibility of, say, a late night TV host or high level conservative political figure.

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