Monday, March 06, 2017

To the media - 

1984 was not supposed to be a "How To" book.

Media prior to March 5 - There is all this evidence obtained from wiretaps and surveillance that shows Trump has contacts with Russia.

Trump on March 5 - Hey, Obama administration was spying on me.

Media after March 5 - Trump fails to provide evidence that Obama administration spied on Trump.


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Anonymous said...

Setting aside the erroneous nature of your post, this is a war. Both sides have and will use every tool at their disposal to hurt the competition. You really should stop whining like your new 12-year old leader does and just fight. Make up stiff. Maybe start a new birther movement, or say Nancy Pelosi's father was in league with Lee Harvey Oswald, or claim 20 million illegals voted, or maybe make up something completely new and different. How about James Comey molests prepubescent forest creatures?

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