Thursday, March 23, 2017

Tolerance - the moment between breathing out one orthodoxy and having jackbooted thugs shove another orthodoxy down your deplorable throat.

Tolerance and diversity:

//On Wednesday, Princeton Theological Seminary announced that it would no longer be awarding the Kuyper Prize to New York City Redeemer Presbyterian Church's senior pastor, Tim Keller. In a letter, the seminary's president explained that he did not want Keller's award to imply that his school disagreed with the ordination of women and LGBT people.

"In order to communicate that the invitation to speak at the upcoming conference does not imply an endorsement of the Presbyterian Church in America's views about ordination, we have agreed not to award the Kuyper Prize this year," Princeton Seminary President M. Craig Barnes explained. He had previously noted that the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) "prevents women and LGBTQ+ persons from full participation in the ordained Ministry of Word and Sacrament."

Barnes had previously announced that Princeton Seminary would be awarding Keller the annual Kuyper Prize for Excellence in Reformed Theology and Public Witness — named after Dutch Reformed theologian Abraham Kuyper (here are his lectures on Calvinism).

Keller's position — and that of the PCA — is in line with the longstanding tradition of the church, which has viewed homosexual practice as a sin and insisted that since Jesus Christ was a man, only men may be ordained to the ministry.//


Anonymous said...

You'd better hope you never meet any real Jack-booted thugs. The real ones, not your fantasy ones, are really horrible. To bad about the award. I remember once when we didn't get a trophy for winning our little league I was horribly upset knowing "jack-booted thugs" had stolen them from us. Wasn't "jack-booted thugs" what President Bush #1 called ATF officers? Huh, I guess its a big club those thugs are in.

You need to get real.

Peter Bradley said...

The Nazis were no less jack booted when they turned the Catholics and Jews out of government jobs than when they were burning down synagogues.

You seem to be uncommonly supportive of discrimination against people you don't like.

Again, though, do you have anything to say about the actual facts in the story?

Do you think that people who advocate a male priesthood deserve to be made into untermenschen?

Of course, I don't expect you to answer anything other than the strawman you create in your mind.

The idea of banning you as a waste of time is getting stronger.

Anonymous said...

They aren't giving out a religious award because they hold dissimilar positions on a religious matter (the facts of the story). How is that acting like "jack-booted thugs" and what does that have to do with Nazis turning people out of government jobs? Acting like a rabid dog every time something like this happens isn't very impressive or convincing.

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