Thursday, April 13, 2017


Given the way that the media exists to play political spin-doctors for one side of the political spectrum, I assumed they were the darkness.

//USA Today columnist Michael Wolff came out and said what every liberal journalist probably thinks of the Donald Trump administration and said it to Kellyanne Conway’s face: “You’re the darkness.”

At Wednesday’s Newseum “Press and the President” forum, Wolff recited the Washington Post’s new slogan to Trump’s White House counselor and admitted what the Post was really driving at: “I’m gonna tell you, when they say ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness,’ you’re the darkness.”

For her part, Conway handled the charge with aplomb as she replied “I’m not the darkness” and mentioned how she’s “getting used to the [SNL] skit” about her. She went on to offer advice she’s given to children: “Just because somebody says something, doesn’t make it true.”

After the audience, probably full of liberals, laughed at Wolff’s shot at Conway, he attempted to walk it back. had the video: //

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Anonymous said...

“Just because somebody says something, doesn’t make it true.”

The motto of out times, from both ends of the political spectrum and their adherents. Its unfortunate neither end can see this.

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