Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Count on it.

I don't doubt that this guy is a kook, but his kookiness sounds an awful lot like mainstream positions taken in various leftists protests and we have yet to see media calls for prominent leftwing politicians to repudiate these positions.

Also, if a white shooter had randomly gunned down four African-Americans in Fresno, we'd be listening to how Fresno is a hotbed of racism.

//Fresno shooting soon to be memory-holed

Kori Ali Muhammad is in custody after going on a murder spree in Fresno, California, yesterday.  Muhammad "set out to kill as many white people as he could on Tuesday, gunning down three men on the streets of downtown Fresno before he was captured and admitted to the shootings, authorities said."

Are you beginning to see the inconvenience of the story? It's gets worse. The maniac shouted "Allahu Akbar" as the police tackled him.

We have a trinity of narrative-kills: black, white-killer and Muslim.

There was some "confusion" in the reporting of the murders. The Associated Press tweeted out that the killer shouted "G-d is great" before he was taken down by the cops. But that's not what he yelled. Remember back to another inconvenient event, the Orlando shooting, and the transcripts released by the Obama administration. They also "translated" what the murderous maniac said to the 911 dispatchers.

Muhammad was also wanted in connection with the killing of a hotel security guard last week in Fresno.

The New York Post has a nice round-up of all of Muhammad's anti-white statements. Will there be calls for the progressives to tone down their anti-white rhetoric lest they incite someone like Muhammad to undertake a killing spree? It's not that I believe there should be such calls, but the public is often chastised and warned that we need to watch what we say because we might cause a specially designated group or persons to action.

The media only discredits itself when it sanitizes the news for its own political purposes. People notice and that's why the media has little credibility. It's not so much a question of what they report but how they decide to "frame" it for the viewer. We don't need the narrative, we just need the facts.//

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