Sunday, April 16, 2017

Watergate 2017.

With every country watching Trump, if there was any Russian connection, it would already have been shown.

Therefore, the inference is that the Russian story was invented as a distraction to the real story - the illegal wiretapping of Trump's campaign.


Anonymous said...

Visions of snowflakes are dancing in my head.

Before Obama broke the law and ordered illegal surveillance, he conspired with Republicans in the House and Senate to ensure they would help the deep state cover up the "wiretaps" after the fact. The House and Senate Republicans also conspired with the FBI and its Director to keep Hillary out of jail for Benghazi, her server, and Whitewater. Same with Bill and his ordering the murder of Vince Foster. You thinking maybe Republicans are part of Obama's covert government actually running things after he las left office? I'm convinced because its the Internet.

Anonymous said...

"Ironically, if this message had been about any minority group . . . it would have been heralded as evidence of our national decline into scary Facism."

But stuff like this is posted about minority groups all the time. You seem to think the current level of hatred in our society is only coming from one side. If anything, you just aren't used to hearing people spout vile about white Republicans. We are now all equal in our mutual disdain for each other. Those in ethnic minorities have generally had hatred and derision hurled at them for their entire lives. It doesn't feel very good, does it?

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