Saturday, May 13, 2017

Like any colonized territory, outsiders have to educate the natives.

In this case, that is done at Fresno State University where the primitive locals are not permitted to give voice to their unenlightened throughtcrime.

//A group of group of pro-life students at Fresno State in California learned some rough lessons in free speech and the legal system recently, leading to a court case which will no doubt receive national attention. It seems that the group, Fresno State Students for Life, made plans to write some pro-life messages in chalk on the sidewalks outside the school library and obtained the required permits for a public display from the school. When the time came, they crafted their messages, including one which read, “You CAN be pregnant & successful” on the pavement, but quickly received an unexpected surprise. One of the professors from the school showed up and informed them that their free speech was in “the wrong place” and he would be coming back to clean up the unwelcome display. (CNN)

Shortly before finishing, the lawsuit claims, William Thatcher, an assistant professor of public health, approached the group and said they had to keep their messages to the university’s free speech area.

According to Bernadette Tasy, one of the organizers with the group and a plaintiff in the lawsuit, Thatcher then said he would be back to remove the messages. Tasy says he returned with a group of students and they attempted to remove the group’s messages.

Video provided to CNN by the group’s lawyers shows Thatcher starting to erase the messages with his foot.//

Pro-abortion messages were, however, chalked over the other messages.

This is the second incident involving an unhinged leftist professor at Fresno State.

No cries for "safe spaces" for conservatives as yet.

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