Monday, October 15, 2012

From the "Leftists are Leeches" File.

I have to pay for PACERS and filing fees and taxes, and I didn't get extra points for a faux-oppressed minority background, so this kind of thing, particularly from someone who preaches that people who work hard and are succesful are somehow greedy for not letting the government bleed them a "little more" so that they can give it away to similar underserving leeches, really irritates me.

Professor Jacobsen writes about Elizabeth Warren:

Warren falsely and without any legitimate legal basis claimed to be Cherokee for employment purposes. Warren also chintzed by failing to register for the Massachusetts Bar despite an active practice of law in Cambridge since the mid-1990s, thereby evading Bar registration dues. Howie Carr has a great column today about Warren’s class warfare phoniness.

Add another example to the long list: Warren obtained fee waivers from at least 50 federal bankruptcy courts so she would not have to pay for access to the federal PACER system, even in years when she had a high 6-figure income and an 8-figure net worth.

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