Wednesday, December 05, 2012

False Rape Claims.

This stuff is hard to believe, but, apparently, it is common enough to happen in 25% to 40% of filed rape charges.

Woman claims rape because of "bad" sexual experience.

A Tennessee woman was charged with filing a false police report when she admitted that she lied about being raped.

She confessed that she concocted the lie because she simply did not enjoy one of her recent sexual experiences, and that the experience was “bad.”

Lynette Lee of Clarksville, Tennessee first told police on November 23 that she had been raped in a hotel room by a man she had met through the dating website “Lee said once at the hotel the man removed her clothes and, despite her protests, had sex with her,” according to

The rape suspect told police that his sexual experience with Lee was consensual. But apparently it was nothing to write home about.

Lee asked police to drop the rape case four days later, on Nov. 27, claiming that she lied about the rape because “she did not enjoy (the sexual encounter) and it was bad,” according to police.

You have to wonder about the gaping hole of narcissism that this woman must be in order to do such a thing.

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