Thursday, December 06, 2012

Why people love atheists.

Who couldn't love joy-killing, fundamentalist, puritanical pimples on the collective ass of humanity?

School Forces First-Grader to Remove “God” From Poem Honoring Her Grandfather


Karen Pansegro said...

I can tell just by your description of atheists, that this is an article I will not read, lest I become enraged (again) and think yet more sinful and uncharitable thoughts as the day draws to a close. The insanity we're forced to live with more and more, is taking its toll on my physical and spiritual health. I live in "enemy occupied territory," so there's not even one priest I can talk to freely. Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!

marian said...

This also reminds me of what we heard tonight on the news about a special teachers meeting at a Clovis Unified school. A choir teacher was told which songs she could have for a Christmas program. Teachers were told what religious symbols they can or cannot wear because it is "offensive" to a parent. This was at Garfield School.
Maybe I will start to wear my Miraculous medal again...everywhere.

Peter Bradley said...

What's happening is that people are beginning to internalize the idea that any display of Christian religious symbols are per se "offensive."

That's the message that these kinds of things spread and are based on, and people are starting to act as if any indication of Christianity will offend other people.

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