Friday, December 07, 2012

Well, Penthouse Letters to the Editor can just fold its tent, now that... is competing with the U.C. Berkeley Daily Californian "Sex on Tuesday" column.

Student columnists writes about having sex in the Berkeley library.

*Sneeze* Slut *Sneeze*

Why the bleep would any rational woman write an advice column about "It’s best to have some empty shelves toward the bottom so that you can climb them and feel like Spider-Man while your partner penetrates you standing up" in a publication not geared to pervy old men?

Her parents must be so proud of making the sacrifice involved in paying the tuition to U.C.Berkeley so that their daughter can write about copulating in public places with her "partner," apparently someone who doesn't rate highly enough to be a boyfriend or even a friend.

Then a discussion breaks out about the sheer lack of human decency involved in making librarians deal with that kind of immature narcissism.

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