Saturday, January 26, 2013

Another example of the media's Catholic-hating agenda.

 Rather than run a story on the 500,000 who protested abortion in Washington D.C. yesterday, CNN went with this: "Lawyers for Catholic hospital argue that a fetus is not a person."

The story - and the headline - is all smoke and mirrors designed to hold Catholics up for contempt and ridicule. The argument was not made by a “Catholic hospital,” it was made by non-Catholic lawyers hired by a non-Catholic insurance company that controls the litigation. If there was any verdict it would have been the insurance company, not the hospital, that made the pay-out.  So, not surprisingly, the insurance company made the argument it did to protect its own assets.
Further, the argument was not that fetuses are not persons entitled to life but that non-Catholic Colorado law has defined fetuses as not being persons under its wrongful death statute for the purpose of collecting damages for wrongful death.  Colorado, like California, has an arbitrary, big, bold line that says that only people who have been born can maintain a lawsuit for wrongful death. Is that a good law or a bad law?  Who knows, but it is the law and the lawsuit for the fetuses should never have been filed as a wrongful death suit.
Another point, in the discussion it seems that commenters in their eagerness to smear the Catholic Church, just assume that the lawsuit was factually valid.  However, there was no determination of that fact, and, presumably, the doctors who were also sued, and who also made the motion, would have challenged that claim and argued that the settled, black-letter law of Colorada be applied, even if the "Catholic hospital" (actually the non-Catholic insurance company) didn't.
So, bottom line, for the Catholic-haters, an argument by non-Catholic lawyers for a non-Catholic insurance company controlling the litigation of a Catholic hospital chain that a law defining fetuses as not being persons for the purpose of recovering wrongful death damages is clear evidence that the Catholic Church is ....something ....awful.
The counter-argument is simply, "Logic much?"

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Lauran said...

The aborted disagree that a fetus isn't a person--so do the nearly one million who attended the pro-life rally at DC on 1/25. A friend who attended confirmed that these photos are accurate.

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