Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We need a more Catholic General Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Protestant Bible-Scholar Ben Witherington - writes "we need a younger person with fresh ideas not to mention someone in the peak of physical health."

What "we"??? Witherington is a Protestant.

Also, based on his 3rd and 5th points, it appears that "we" need a pope who is basically a Protestant.

Also, note the ignorant stereotype linking celibacy to "pederasty" as if Protestant denominations didn't have as great or worse a problem.

Other than that, great post.


Here is a portion of the post:

 I have no say whatsoever over who should be the next Pope, but if I did here is what I would use as criteria:
1) Pick someone over 50 but under 65 for a change. We need a younger person with fresh ideas not to mention someone in the peak of physical health.
2) If you can find someone who is as good and critical a thinker and theolog as Pope Benedict, by all means pick that person;
3) Pick someone who is not so wed to Catholic traditions that have not been part of ex cathedra pronouncements that he would tend to avoid some serious changes— like for example the option of a priest to be married if he did not have the gift of celibacy. This in itself would probably reduce the danger of pederasty considerably.
4) Pick someone who is prepared to continue the ecumenical discussions with Evangelical Protestants, working towards more concordats on faith and praxis.
5) Pick someone who is prepared to continue the process of weeding out superstitious practices and inessential ideas. For example, the recent dropping of the expectation that a good Catholic ought to believe in limbo is a good thing. In short, a more Biblically focused faith, and one less steeped in traditions that do not comport with the Bible (for example Jesus’ descent to the dead) would be a welcome development.
6) Pick a Pope more concerned with protecting his sheep than his shepherds when crisis arises, especially when the crisis is caused by the behavior of the shepherds themselves. Continue to set up accountability structures to protect the young, the innocent, the naive, the poor, and so on.
7) Pick a Pope from somewhere other than Europe. It would be nice to have a North American one for once, considering that English both on the Internet and off of it is the lingua franca of an increasingly global community, society, market.

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Karen Pansegro said...

They don't leave much room for the Holy Spirit, do they?

He WAS helpful to me though; he helped me identify two things I want to give up for Lent: the word "idiot," and sarcasm.

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