Thursday, May 30, 2013

Free speech and Tolerance are so 20th Century.

Glen Reynolds writes:

NEWS YOU CAN USE: How Ben Carson Is Not Like Hitler. “All you need to know is that Carson opposes same-sex marriage. Case closed. Carson was supposed to be the graduation speaker at Johns Hopkins Medical School. There was a fuss, and Carson decided to withdraw as speaker. The obviously relieved dean nevertheless criticized Carson for being ‘hurtful.’ His analysis of the situation was that ‘the fundamental principle of freedom of expression has been placed in conflict with our core values of diversity, inclusion and respect.’ My analysis is that, at a crucial moment, the dean failed to defend a real core value of the university: tolerance.”
Free speech and tolerance were only important back when communists and gays were being gone after. Now that the worm has turned, those bourgeois values no longer obtain.

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