Thursday, May 30, 2013

Truth and Live Action

Michelle Arnold writes Facebook:

I don't often share the same article twice in one day, but I just came across this fascinating exchange in the article, between Robert P. George and Dr. Bernard Nathanson, especially appropriate in light of current debate over Live Action's crusade to trick Planned Parenthood representatives into making damaging statements, then released as "exposés":
George: "When you were promoting abortion, you were willing to lie in what you regarded as a good cause. Now that you have been converted to the cause of life, would you be willing to lie to save babies? How do those who hear your speeches and read your books and articles know that you are not lying now?" 
Dr. Nathanson: "No, I wouldn't lie, even to save babies. ... You said that I was converted to the cause of life; and that's true. But you must remember that I was converted to the cause of life only because I was converted to the cause of truth. That's why I wouldn't lie, even in a good cause." — with Mark Shea.
 This is from this article - Bernard Nathanson: A Life Transformed by Truth

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