Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Videotaping the Police can get you arrested...

...and you dog killed.

Check out this video:

And this newstory:

A video posted yesterday on YouTube shows the grisly shooting of a dog by a police officer in Hawthorne, California. 
The 130-pound, 3-year-old Rottweiler named Max was shot to death after he escaped through a window in a parked car and ran over to his master, Leon Rosby, who was being arrested for filming the scene on his phone. 
The video (watch original on YouTube) shows Rosby, 52, walking his dog Sunday around 7 p.m. near a house with several police squad cars parked outside. 
 He is seen filming the scene in order 'to make sure nobody's civil rights were being violated,' he told DailyBreeze.com. 
Rosby is then seen talking to a pair of police officers in the distance. 
Hawthorne Police Lt Scott Swain said that officers were warning Rosby to turn down the music in his car. 
'It's distracting the officers. It's interfering with what they are able to hear,' Lt Swain said. 'It's not just a party call. It's an armed robbery call. The officers need to hear what's going on with the people being called out of the residence. That music in his car is bleeding over and it's distracting them.'
A neighbor who witnessed the event said they heard Rosby yell 'It's my (expletive) radio!' to officers. 
But Rosby said that didn't happen because as a Christian he doesn't swear. 
'I do apologize if I didn't immediately comply,' Rosby said. 'The music may have been a little loud but I was complying.'

For that, the police actually cuff Rosby.

Then, when his dog gets out of the car, and isn't threatening the police, they shoot the dog.

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