Tuesday, July 02, 2013

What about married couples who can't have babies?

Edward Feser easily dispenses with one of the pro-gay marriage proponents' "big question":

That some men and women can't procreate is irrelevant. Just as a damaged eye is still for seeing -- that is still its natural end, whether or not it can realize it, and thus still defines the boundaries of its good use (which can be other than, but never contrary to, that end) -- so too our sexual capacities, psychological as well as bodily, are naturally "directed at" physical and emotional union with a person of the opposite sex, whether or not a particular set of organs can fully realize the procreative side and whether or not a particular person's psychological drives have gotten aimed in some other direction. What something happens to "aim" at is not necessarily what it naturally aims at, any more than a vine which grows so as to choke itself off does so naturally in the relevant sense of fulfilling the ends its nature sets for it.

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