Monday, December 16, 2013

Global Cooling is the New Global Warming.

It's the Sun spots, baby!

Several trends in sunspot activity for this cycle are becoming clear.
First, northern sunspot activity is near its end while southern activity is at its zenith. The only drama left is when will southern spot polarity reversal occur. That is expected any time. The sun right now is a magnetic monopole. The sun will finish its inexorable journey to sunspot minimum after southern sunspot polarity reversal occurs.
The decline in sunspot magnetic field strength is continuing, but showing signs of leveling off along a shallow concave curve. Umbral intensity is showing a similar change in the reverse.
Sunspots may not disappear completely, but they will be so weak that a long term decrease in solar wind and a slight but prolonged decrease in the sun’s temperature will result.
The latest solar data from this month reinforces the belief that our sun is headed into a long-term period of low solar activity.
As time goes on a link between decreasing solar activity and the halt in global warming 17 years ago becomes harder and harder to deny.

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