Sunday, December 29, 2013

What the heck is wrong with our culture?

A lot of this kind of thing is going on at malls:

If somebody is gonna do that to me or somebody else, I'm not a bystander by nature I'll go in and fight,' he told CBS Minnesota.
The women, one of them armed with a billy club, didn't let Mr Andrew get away and mercilessly beat him over the head until he started bleeding profusely. 
When Mr Andrew fought back, one of the women,18-year-old Letaija Shapree Cutler-Cain from Brooklyn Park, gouged his face with her fingernails and said: 'I'm going to kill you! Let me go or I'm going to kill you'. 
Mr Andrew says it took about five minutes for police to arrive and that hundreds of shoppers witnessed the incident, but no one intervened because 'they were too afraid' and he called that a 'sad commentary'.  
When police arrived they took both of the women into custody. At first the women said Mr Andrews attacked them first, but a witness inside the restaurant stepped in to validate Mr Andrew's story. 
Police were not able to find the man who originally stole the phone after he fled the mall.

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