Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Those perfidious Jesuits!

Another columnist tips her hand that Obamacare is really about cracking down on the Catholic Church.

Her confusion, charitably assuming that’s what it is, stems from her inability to see what the justices evidently grasped: The form the Little Sisters were being asked to sign did not merely state that they were not covering contraceptives but required other people to do so. Greenhouse continues in this vein:
 On the facts of this case, the refusal to sign the form is so far-fetched that this concocted controversy can only be understood in the context of high-stakes politics. The dozens of pending challenges to the contraception mandate are not popping up randomly or by accident. This is a deadly serious and sophisticated campaign, a claim by religion for primacy in the public square. The Rehnquist court for years appeared receptive, but ultimately blinked. The church plays a long game.
Greenhouse’s evaluative terms — “far-fetched,” “concocted” — again reflect her inability to see (or unwillingness to state accurately) the facts of the case. I’m certainly prepared to believe that all nine justices could get something wrong (and that a majority of justices could get this very case wrong in the end). But it’s also possible that Greenhouse is way out in left field here. The last sentence of the passage — “the church,” indeed — may reveal more about Greenhouse’s view of the world than she realizes.

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