Friday, October 10, 2014

But, then, why would we expect that hiring more Affirmative Action Coordinators and other consultants increase student performance?

This chart graphically confirms what I've been whining about for years, viz, why is it that (a) schools are failing their basic job and (b) schools are providing less services for students and (c) my taxes don't seem to be going down.

The chart is defended here.

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J. Hershaw said...

Your comment on affirmative action coordinators is spot on. The vast majority of that increased spending does not go to additional or enhanced instruction. It goes to inflated teachers pensions (California is the poster child) and it the myriad social crap programs schools either choose to deal with or are forced to deal with by state and federal legislatures.

My daughter is taking the SAT this Saturday. There really isn't anything covered by the test that wasn't there when I took in the late 1970's.

I suspect that as the need to attend college in order to succeed economically in life has increased noticeably over the last 30 years, more and more kids that in previous generations had not even considered college or the SAT are now taking it and somewhat watering down the pool of test takers. We are much closer now to circumstances that requires college to avoid working in fast food as our industrial base has been gutted.

From a personal perspective, the message here is the closer you can get yourself to the 1% the better off it will be for your offspring. Gone are the days, perhaps forever, that we can depend on our public school systems to provide adequate educations to our children. My daughter attends a private catholic high school, consumes quite a bit of money on private test prep services and college application support, and will possibly not be able to attend a quality public university because the US system has sold a third of its capacity to the highest bidders from out of state and out of the country. Sad. Glad were well-off. Others are totally screwed.

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