Thursday, October 09, 2014

The nice thing about having a Democrat in the White House is that there is never any bad news....

...for at least after re-election when it's too late.

Rush Limbaugh

//So the Washington Post today has a very long story -- for them, by their standards.  I mean, it's thousands of words.  So let me nutshell it for you.  Let me sum it up for you.  The Washington Post, through diligent journalistic efforts (otherwise known as hard work) has uncovered evidence that the White House knew about the Secret Service's prostitution scandal in Cartagena, Colombia.

Now, this happened back in 2011.  The White House knew about this, despite the White House claims to the contrary at the time.  Old Jay Carney, the spokeskid, clearly went out there and told a whopper about it. (shuffling papers) I'm looking at the sound bite roster.  I thought we had it.  It doesn't matter.  Everybody remembers Jay Carney went out and totally denied it at the White House.  They were as shocked by it as anybody else.

It turns out they knew. //

Washington Post: A"ides knew of possible White House link to Cartagena, Colombia, prostitution scandal."

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