Thursday, October 09, 2014

Central California is the poorest region in the United States...

...and it is going to get even poorer.

Scenes from the New American Dust Bowl.

The Dry Land.

Thanks to progressive policies on the environment and immigration.

But since progressives and liberals don't drive inland, except to Tahoe via Sacramento, who cares?


J. Hershaw said...

I would be very happy to eliminate the impact, or most of it, from progressive environmental and immigration policies on the central valley water situation. Of course, to to be fair we should also eliminate most of the progressive policies that provide landowners with subsidized water from federal and state water projects. Everybody pays fair market value for water and the salmon and smelt die. Not sure who will harvest the crops, though, when the farmers and labor contractors stop hiring illegal aliens.

I wonder how much of the water problem is due to the drought and how much is due to progressives. Hard to tell.

Peter Bradley said...

The drought is a function of having a water infrastructure designed for 18 million in a state with 30 million.

J. Hershaw said...

It's not clear to me that there would be significantly more water available right now, in the middle of multi-year drought, if we had more infrastructure (unless we added water desalination to the infrastructure mix). The drought is a function of not having enough rain.

The central valley is poor exactly because it is an agricultural region. There is no significant manufacturing, R&D, finance, etc. that goes on in central California. Central valley farmers are lucky that the largess of federal and state taxpayers has provided them with so much cheap water. Progressive policies built all of those water projects. The region would be hard pressed to pay for such development, and I doubt if private capital from outside would have seen the investments as worthwhile if the water had to be provided to farmers so cheaply.

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