Friday, October 03, 2014

It's a good thing we have that brainy Nobel Prize Winner as president instead of that stupid cowboy.

Obama blames Bush for Avian Flu, but does nothing to prevent Ebola.

INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY: Obama’s Response To Ebola Not Confidence-Inspiring:

Now that Ebola has arrived in the U.S., Americans should ask why. After all, our government knew that the outbreak in Africa was severe but has done little to keep the disease from reaching our shores.

Sure, the medical professionals involved — doctors, nurses and epidemiologists — are working hard and bravely to contain an outbreak, which so far includes a Liberian man in Dallas and as many as 100 people he came in contact with.

But the government’s response, as is too often the case, has been far less than competent and remains so. . . .

Given the clear danger to the U.S., why hasn’t the White House imposed travel limits on those flying in from Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and other nations in West Africa where the disease has broken out?

That would seem a minimal response to containing this deadly hemorrhagic fever that causes many victims to suffer a horrible, lingering death.

Both France and Britain immediately halted flights from the afflicted countries in West Africa. Why not us?

We’re not counseling panic here. The U.S. should be able to control an outbreak. But the White House’s blase and even lackadaisical response isn’t reassuring.

Well, to be fair, that’s the White House response to pretty much anything that isn’t about fundraising or golf.

UPDATE: Flashback: Senator Obama rips Bush for being unprepared for avian flu epidemic. That Senator Obama fellow seemed a lot more on top of things than this President Obama fellow does.//

Because one of them causes a complete bleed out and the other is, you know, the flue.

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