Friday, April 17, 2015

From the "Way too much information" file - 

Screw the country!

My tribe is what counts!

//Me, I intend to vote with my vagina. Unapologetically. Enthusiastically. (Metaphorically, for those concerned about ending up in line behind me.) And I intend to talk about it.

During the 2008 Democratic primaries, I supported Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama for two main reasons:

She was older, which mattered to me a small amount in terms of experience, and a large amount in terms of the difference eight years would make. President Obama is younger than two of my siblings. If he ran today, at 53, he’d still be younger than most of his opponents. Hillary Clinton is now 67—in apparently great health, and willing to go through all this bullshit again, so more power to her! But now, in addition to the usual sexism coming her way, we’re about to endure 18 months of hearing what a shriveled old crone she is—and wouldn’t she be better off staying home and dandling wee Charlotte on her wrinkled knee? I was really hoping to avoid that.

She’s a woman, and President Obama is a man.//

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Anonymous said...

With all those vaginas "rocking the vote" out there, it might be too much for old Bill to endure.

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