Sunday, November 08, 2015

Shut up, he explained.

This would be funny....

...if it weren't so scary and pathetic as an example of (a) the cognitive dissonance of American liberalism and (b) didn't reek of succumbing to the totalitarian temptation.

Bill Nye says:

//The single most important thing we can do now, however, is talk about climate change. My claim is that if we were talking about climate change the way we’re talking about Ferguson, Missouri, or Baltimore or other important issues, we would be getting these things done. We would be solving this problem together. And, look, it’s hard. You’re going to meet people who don’t want to talk about it. //


//Yeah, you’re leading to my next point. Part of the solution to this problem or this set of problems associated with climate change is getting the deniers out of our discourse. You know, we can’t have these people – they’re absolutely toxic. And so part of the message in this book is to get the deniers out of the picture...//

This is a very Stalinist approach, one might say, to the traditional American virtue of encouraging speech and debate.

Salon, though, thinks it's terrific.

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