Monday, November 09, 2015

The best part of the Obama presidency has been all the racial healing.

WTF....students in Missouri are acting like it's 1968.  We didn't do that back in 1980, and now its 2015.

And then there is this - the most racist thing you are going to read all day.

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mrez said...

I saw certain people's behavior change-- in anticipation-- prior to his election. As we all observed, BO targeted this issue of race immediately. One memorable instance was when the Black Professor was accused of breaking into his own home. Then it became a teaching moment. Sadly, the tone of all of this for 8 years has been divisive.

A close friend of mine who is a news reporter shared with me that she overheard some comments and raging anger (over racial tensions) put forth by MO in a backstage setting. WE must always remember that the media only shows a small snapshot and not even the whole picture of who someone really is.

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