Sunday, December 13, 2015

Censorship and re-education for reporting the truth.

Good thing the liberal west won against the totalitarians...or something.

//But it was not this that led the trust to order that all those responsible for the programme must attend the “BBC Academy’s impartiality online training module”, with special reference to “reporting climate change science”.

Their real offence had been to allow Letts to interview two climate-sceptical MPs. One of them, the former Cabinet minister Peter Lilley, recalled the Met Office’s prediction from 2004 that, over the next decade, global temperatures would rise by some 0.3 degrees C. And what had happened when 2014 arrived, asked Letts? “Nothing,” Lilley replied. “Zilch.” There had been “no global warming”.

This prompted the trust to quote yards of material from such learned authorities as the Commons Select Committee on Energy and Climate Change to show that it was almost universally agreed by scientists that “human activity is the dominant cause of the warming witnessed in the latter half of the 20th century”, and that those responsible had ignored a “decision that the programme should not include challenge [sic] to the prevailing scientific view about climate change”.

The trust thus ruled that the programme was at fault in not making it clear that the two MPs “represented a minority opinion which contradicted the view of the majority of scientists”. It should have given the Met Office – whose computer models used for “climate prediction” are “highly regarded… around the world” – a chance to rebut Mr Lilley’s claim.//

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