Sunday, December 13, 2015

Liberalism - Denying choice and forcing poorer people to live like rats in the inner city so that the elites can feel good about themselves while flying to "climate change" conferences.

California Supreme Court makes building affordable housing more expensive (or impossible).

//The justices agreed with the "sprawl causes climate change" argument. "Finally, one should not assume a sizeable new housing development planned for a site relatively far from major urban centers, to be built largely on undeveloped land with habitat for several sensitive species, will have comparatively minor impacts either on greenhouse gas emissions or on fish and wildlife," wrote Justice Kathryn Werdegar for the majority.

If Californians aren't going to be housed in suburban-style neighborhoods, how will they live? The answer, many environmentalists say, is infill neighborhoods, smaller, high-density and apartment complexes shoehorned into existing urban areas, where residents can rely more on public transit rather than on automobiles.

One can debate the merits of either type of living. But in a recent column, former California Senate President Pro Tempore Don Perata, D-Oakland, pointed to research showing that CEQA lawsuits are used the most to target the kind of environmentally friendly projects the state wants to encourage, like transit, renewable energy and higher-density housing. Perata now heads a trade group that promotes infill housing.

Meanwhile, there's more chance the problem will get worse before it gets better. Last session, a measure (SB 32) to reduce the state's greenhouse-gas levels by 80 percent of 1990 levels by 2050 stalled after some members of the state's business community pointed out these long-term climate goals can be used under CEQA to halt currently proposed projects. The bill stalled, but is a two-year measure that may come back in January.//

Every population group that has risen in the American economy has welcomed the opportunity to move to the suburbs to give their children a better life.

American liberals for the first time in history want to deny the middle class that opportunity.

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