Sunday, December 20, 2015

Mother Teresa.

Unless you spend time in the feverswamp of the internet, you have no idea how much internet atheists hate Mother Teresa.  I regularly get into arguments started by atheists who depict Mother Teresa as the Most Evil Women Ever!

Mother Teresa is "Banquo's Ghost at the Feast" - a reminder that, maybe, just maybe, there is something wrong with their atheism.

Atheist and Libertarian Brandan O'Neill observes:

//"To complain that this old woman who's been dead for 20 years conspired to keep Indians poor in the same month that every world leader, liberal hack and green twit in Christendom gathered in Paris to do the exact same thing.... is just surreal."// He offers this thought: //The ongoing war on Mother Teresa reveals what lies at the heart of the New Atheism. A million miles from the humanistic atheism of Marx, Darwin and others, today’s anti-God squad is more interested in hectoring the religious – those stupid believers in anything they are told – than it is in creating an Enlightened culture that might give people something else, something more profound, to think about and contribute to. Darwin, the hero of so many of today’s New Atheists, refused to partake in cheap Christianity-bashing, believing that ‘direct arguments against Christianity and theism produce hardly any effect on the public – and freedom of thought is best promoted by the gradual illumination of men’s minds which follows from the advance of science’. Today, lacking any serious attachment to freedom of thought or any belief in their ability to illuminate men’s minds, gradually or otherwise, the New Atheists not only spend their whole time directly attacking Christianity, but take aim at its crudest forms.
The lack of Enlightened thinking in the mugging of Mother Teresa can be seen in the way campaigning atheists seek to replace Teresa’s backward beliefs with their own. So one critic attacks Teresa’s opposition to contraception and abortion on the basis that it inflamed one of the alleged great evils of our age: overpopulation. ‘Overpopulation is one of the factors that can lead to war, [and therefore] Mother Teresa’s opposition to any effective limitation on the growth of population [implicated] her in war rather than peace.’ This is a battle of misanthropies. Where Teresa held to the misanthropic belief that women should be forced to take every conception to term, the Teresa-bashers believe that unchecked population growth – whisper it: too many black and brown babies – gives rise to madness and mayhem. One side seeks to limit poor people’s choices, the other demonises poor people’s breeding habits as the harbinger of doom.//

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