Monday, December 21, 2015

The nice thing about having a Democrat in the White House is that there is never any bad news.

Hypocrites or toadies?  The media dilemma for 2017.

//Trump is said to “know nothing.” Perhaps. Do you think he believes that Austrians speak German, or "corpsman" is pronounced "corpse-man," or there are 57 states in the union? Would Trump label the Falklands the Maldives?

Would Donald Trump cross the racial line to weigh in on a current high-profile criminal case, and suggest that had he another daughter she would have looked just like the deceased? Would he dare go to the UN to deplore an average bloody and lawless weekend in Chicago, reminding the world that a tribal U.S. has a long way to go? Or at an Islamic prayer breakfast, would Trump remind Muslims not to get on their religious high horses given the outrages of the Caliphate? Perhaps if Guantanamo is closed by executive order, Trump would reopen it by one too?

Would Trump dare use his sloppy epithets in reference to foreign leaders? Would he dismiss Putin as a back-of-the-class cutup or obsessed with “macho shtick"? Would his aides with impunity tell reporters that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is a “chicken sh*t”? Would he lecture us that America is as exceptional as Greece or Britain? Maybe he would visit the Middle East and Turkey and remind the world from foreign shores that the U.S. has a lot to own up to?

If Trump were to take selfies, claim he was usually the most interesting guy in the room, set a new presidential record for golf outings, and pick the Final Four on live TV, would we still dub him narcissistic, distracted, and buffoonish?

Would he go to a NASCAR rally and urge his supporters to “punish our enemies”— or write off the inner cities by reminding his base that such folk “cling to their guns” and their eccentric Rev. Wright-like churches? Would that be over the top? Or perhaps Trump would go to a NRA convention to urge members to get “in their faces” and to be sure to take their plentiful guns to a knife fight? Would the media find that incendiary?

Or perhaps Trump would announce that his personal references in his past books were not factual, but “composites” that he had made up to convey the real truth about his past? Or maybe he could become the second presidential candidate in history to renounce federal campaign financing protocols in the general election? Or would he become the second greatest recipient of Goldman Sachs money?

The media in 2017 has a stark choice between its continued irrelevance and utter hypocrisy. I think starting in 2017, journalists will prefer to be called hypocrites to toadies, and so demand of the president what was never demanded of Obama.//

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