Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cultural Watch

Bengals v. Steelers: Bengals lose in two unnecessary acts of violence.

//This was unnecessary!  The game was won! It's more than hotheads losing control.  There's something seriously wrong here.  The motivation obviously on the part of some of these players was not to win the game.  They had another purpose being on that field Saturday night, and that's where this problem breaks down.  And the people that employ them -- and they're college people! They're college graduates, for crying out loud.  They're college men.  You know, people ask me all the time, "Why don't these coaches tell these people not to do it?  You know, how the...? Stupid penalties in the end zone after a touchdown, a 15-yard penalty for celebrating!"

You may think the penalty's crazy or the rule's crazy, but it is what it is.  Why can't a coach tell a young kid, "Don't do it! I run this team; you're not gonna do it. If you score a touchdown, give the ball to the ref and get off the field."  But the coaches today say, "They're grown men; I can't tell 'em what to do."  It's a different era.  "They're grown men; I can't tell you what to do"?  Then why do we need coaches?  What do you mean, "They're grown men; I can't tell 'em what to do"?  It'd be no different than a parent saying, "This kid is my kid and he's a little out of control, but I can't tell him what to do." It's absurd.  I'm telling you, folks: There's a lot wrapped up in this that goes beyond the football field. //

Plus this.

Stay classy, football fans!

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