Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hey, Catholics.

This is why knowing facts is important and stuff.

The asshat in this Salon article recommends:

"eliminate the ritual of confession for children and adolescents;"

Of course, it has been a mainstay slur of liberalism that the confessional is the place where priests seduce children, but does he know the actual data?

Obviously not.

The only comprehensive study of the subject - the Jay Report - put the instances of sexual improprieties occurring in confessionals at less than 2% of the total.

In other words, this guy is an ignorant bigot and articles like this are less about reality than about passing medieval prejudices on to the modern era.

Don't let that happen.

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Lauran said...

The reasons that leftists want to "eliminate the ritual of confession for children and adolescents” has little to do with adolescent or child welfare concerns. These same lunatics are celebrating the abominations of homosexuality, they vehemently support abortions on demand for “children and adolescents,” and encourage the perversion of “children and adolescents” in most public schools. What leftists hate most about the Catholic Church aren’t her wrongs, but all she does right--defending life, liberty, freedom, purity, decency, mercy, love of God--while the aim of progressivism is, after all, to replace God and morality with the state.

They’re nothing more than polluted, self-indulgent aberrant children.

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